Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something I wish I would have known when I purchased my WM718 planers.

The stock feed rate for the WM718 planer has a maximum feed rate of 16ft. per minute while the WM725 planer has a maximum of 23ft. You can order your Wm718 from Woodmaster with the WM725 feed motor if you need the extra speed.

If your like me and did not know about this option, rest assured you can purchase the WM725 feed motor from Woodmaster for around $600. In about an hour you can change out this DC gear motor and be on your way. 

If this is not in your budget, the below modification will increase it to 23ft. per minute for around $75 and take the same amount of time to do. Please keep in mind that while this will increase the feed rate it will also slightly decrease the motors torque. 

This modification is super easy all you need is the following:

The only modifications to the machine that is needed is to drill one new hole in the tensioner 1" higher that the stock location.

Monday, February 23, 2009


After no response from Woodmaster Tools about having user forums and expanding there website to support there users. This is my way of sharing my modifications, tips, and tricks.  I have two model WM 718's. Both have been modified, one has a second spindle. I'm currently in the process of changing the feed system on one from the stock DC feed system to an AC motor with a gear reducer. I will be adding pictures soon.

I've seen various modifications done to these planers to improve surface finish and feed rates. If you have modified your WM712 thru. WM725 planer I would love to see and post pictures of what has and has not worked for you. 

Best Regards,