Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Review: Woodmaster Feed Rollers

This month I’ll be reviewing the Woodmaster feed rollers. Woodmaster carries two different styles of feed roller for their planers. The first is a rubber coated steel core roller that comes stock on the planers. The second is a solid steel serrated roller.

Pros & Cons of the rubber roller

Pro; The rubber roller leaves no makes on the stock.
Pro; The rubber rollers will grip and conform to odd shapes.

Con; The rubber roller does not have near the strength or rigidness as the solid steel roller.
Con; The rubber roller wears and allows groove to be cut into them if the stock gets stuck in the planer.

Pros & Cons of the Steel roller

Pro; Super grip due to the deep grooves.
Pro; Unparalleled rigidity due to it solid steel design.

Con; Rollers leave marks on softer stock.
Con; Steel roller does not absorb shock or adapt for unevenness in stock.

Final Thoughts:

I currently use both types of rollers on my equipment. For Log Siding and moldings I always use the rubber rollers. When gang sawing, for stakes and hubs or sizing hardwood stock to size, I use the solid steel serrated roller.  

Best Regards,