Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May Review: PP118 Power Platform

This month I’ll be reviewing the power platform for the WM718.
This is part # PP118 and sells for $249.00. The power platform has many uses, it provides extra support to the feed stock by the additional feed roller. It also is used in combination with the mop sander and the router attachments which mount directly on top of the power platform. 
I use it mostly for the extra support provided by the extra feed roller. My second spindle is located right in front of this roller. This helps to support the stock as it’s feed through the planer. 
In my opinion the WM718 should come stock with four feed rollers like its big brother the WM725. The extra feed roller helps to eliminate snipe on both the infeed and outfeed sides of the machine. 
Basically the power platform is stamped sheet metal frame just like the planer itself. Everything is made so that it will bolt up without any modifications to the planer. Simply bolt it on, install the drive pulley (which mounts to the stock outfeed roller)and belt and your ready to go. 

Extra support on the outfeed side of the planer.
Provides a mounting plate for attachments, such as a router and the mop sander.

The sheet metal design lacks the strength of a welded together frame.
It can only be mounted on the outfeed side of the planer. Although this is where it would be primarily needed, the ability to mount it on the infeed side would add more flexibility.

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