Sunday, September 6, 2009

This was emailed to me a few days ago. Looks like an easy thing to do. Thanks for the idea Patrick can't wait to see the next mods.

Email Below:

Hello - Love the site and keep it up - awesome. You should put a post on about the site and that will drive people very interested in 
your site.

Attached are pictures of my woodmaster 725 mod cause i was sick of the time 
and energy to remove and replace the top.

The hinge is a padlock hasp I purchased from walmart.
- I drilled 2 holes in the black base and bolted the short part of the hasp 
& 3 holes in the woodmaster lid and bolted it on.
- I cut off the threads that usually have the nuts to bolt on the top.
- I cut 2 notches in the feed in side of the lid to clear the frame
- I cut off a piece to clear the feeder pully

All of this in less then 20 minutes and wrestling with the heavy top is a 
thing of the past. The top swings back and out of the way and even with the 
bed nearly raised to the top there is room for me to get in and change out 
the planer for the sander etc.

I have no problem with this mod and wish the woodmaster came with a similar 
lid function. Note the lid opens all the way no problem by simply letting 
the bed down an inch or two as the outfeed side of the lid will hit the 
outfeed table.

I obtained this very idea from another very similar mod from another forum.

Next mod will be the stupid motor bracket - I cannot stand haveing to move 
the motor every time I switch from planer/molder pully to the larger sander 
pully. For that I will be doing the hinged motor mount like you allready 
have seen online. I will do reversing switch in the future as well as a 
digital hight reader.

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